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Possibility to Participate in the NIAG Studies


The 2021 NIAG studies programme has been approved by the CNAD. These Exploratory Meetings are planned to be held virtually until further notice and a calling notice for each will be issued in due time.

02 Feb NATO GeoSpatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Architecture and Implementation Plan IP
09 Feb Feasibility to achieve FMN Milestones 2 and 3 IP
16 Feb Command and Control Capabilities in support of Multi Domain Operations - MDC2 (Multi Domain C2) IP
23 Feb Information sharing in an international Federated Mission Networking Environment IP
23 Mar Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) Survivability and Effectiveness in Joint Operations when faced by a Peer State Threat N
30 Mar Joint-Domain NATO Rotorcraft Interoperability and Survivability in a Peer Nation Threat Environment N
20 Apr Sense and Avoid Performance Based Specification Validation Y + ISR
27 Apr Solutions for NATO’s Current and Future Gap-Crossing Capability IP
06 May Scalable Directed Energy Weapons SWE and SWI
18 May Platform Interface Standards for Maritime Unmanned Systems IP
June (Date TBD) Stand-off Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Effector N
June (Date TBD) Modelling of Cyber Adversaries to NATO’s Aviation Systems Y