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The Command Assembly supported the modernization of the Czech Armed Forces and rejected cuts in defence spending


On 24 November, the annual Command Meeting of the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, General Aleš Opata, was held in Prague to clarify the priorities and main tasks of the Czech Armed Forces in 2021. It was attended by the President of the Czech Republic, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence. Apart from thanking the soldiers for their help in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, they unanimously agreed on the need to reject the cuts and support the modernization of the armed forces. 
General Opata was the first to speak at the Command Assembly. He said that the meeting was held in a difficult time, not only facing the Covid-19 epidemic, but also dealing with the largest rearmament in the history of the Czech Armed Forces, and unfortunately facing efforts to question the defence budget. However, according to him, every crisis is also a challenge that tests skills. "It has been confirmed how important the army is for the country’s defence on all fronts and against any enemy. We must have well prepared soldiers, able to adapt to any situation, react quickly and find solutions. It has been confirmed that the world is really not and will not be a safe place," General Opata explained. 
He further stressed the need of a heavy brigade and infantry fighting vehicles. But that is not enough for the future warfare. "My recommendation is clear: artificial intelligence, robots, manpower protection, drones, laser weapons, precision-guided munitions, automatic systems, research & development, and cyber forces," added General Opata.
Photography: Hanka Brožková