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Bo Gwang I&T Exhibits at Future Forces 2020


Evolution of Fabric, Innovation to Wear

Bo Gwang I&T Co., Ltd. is a diversified global textile manufacturing company. We offer a wide range of products in the industrial, commercial textile business and especially in military garment business. Recognized widely for our producing capabilities and management excellence, Bo Gwang will lead both domestic and overseas clothing markets to become a global leader.

Bo Gwang keeps concentrating on developing technology for production of high functionality products that meets customer's needs based on our experiences and technologies accumulated through the years of supply of military official uniforms, equipment and articles in global market.

Furthermore, our technical skills are well recognized through technical collaboration with military uniform manufacturers in European market including UK, Spain, France, Bulgaria and Central and South American market such as Argentina, Colombia etc.

Bo Gwang is steadfastly committed to contributing to human society by creating best products and services based on our talent and technology.