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Military Technical Institute to Present its Capability within the FFF


The Military Technical Institute is a state enterprise established by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic on September 1, 2012 in order to provide strategic deliveries and services necessary to ensure defense and safety of the Czech Republic, as well as to satisfy the Czech Republic's NATO and EU membership commitments.

The state enterprise provides services to the Army of the Czech Republic, the Armed Security Forces units and the Integrated Rescue System. VTÚ implements 200 projects every year in the field of defense research and development, innovation, production of functional designs and prototypes, piece and small series production and testing.
A prerequisite for the high quality of services is the synergy of capabilities of three branch plants (VTÚLaPVO Praha-Kbely, VTÚPV Vyškov, VTÚVM Slavičín), which are specialized in air force and air defense, ground forces, armaments and ammunition. The Military Technical Institute has a long-term positive balance and its branches are showing profitable economic results. Through the implementation of ambitious projects in the field of defense and security technologies as well as in testing for domestic and foreign customers, VTÚ has gained professional prestige and exceptional position in the military defense environment.
View the VTÚ Leaflet in PDF.